Concavo documentation

Installation instructions

Concavo installation instructions

Concavo is an advanced, responsive admin template built with React, Redux, Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

It includes 4 different layouts, 2 background, 4 navbar, top navigation and left sidebar color styles, 100+ components in every layout and lots of widgets and custom made reusable components to help you kickstart your next React project or application.

To install, first make sure node, npm and yarn are installed in your system. If they are not installed, you can get node and npm here and yarn here.

To check if they are installed correctly, run the following commands, which should print at least the following versions.

  1. node -v v10.16.1
  2. npm -v 6.14.3
  3. yarn -v 1.22.4

Concavo is 100% ready to use. Just unzip the included files and run the following commands:

  1. npm install or yarn install to install all the required dependencies
  2. npm run dev to run the development server
  3. Open http://localhost:3333

To build and run a production ready bundle, run the following commands:

  1. npm run build
  2. npm run start
  3. Open http://localhost:4444

Template structure

Structural elements available in the template

The template includes the following structural elements:

  1. Navbar
  2. Top navigation
  3. Left sidebar
  4. Right sidebar
  5. Main content section